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 Themes & Talks from TED – Winter 2009


1)   Is there a God?    Jan 13            

i)         Rick Warren: Living a life of purpose       

ii)        Dan Dennett: A secular, scientific rebuttal to Rick Warren

iii)       Rev. Tom Honey: How could God have allowed the tsunami?


2)   Lets Talk about Food    Jan 20 – Snowed out - Presented on Feb 24

i)         Jennifer 8 Lee: Who was General Tso? and other mysteries

ii)        Dan Barber: A surprising parable of foie gras

iii)       Peter Reinhart: The art of baking bread

iv)       Juan Enriquez: Beyond the crisis, mind boggling science and Homo evolutis


3)  A Greener Future    Jan 27

i)        Intro to TED

ii)       Edward Burtynsky: Share the story of Earth’s manufactured landscapes

iii)      Chris Jordan: Picturing Excess

iv)      Jared Diamond: Why societies collapse


4)  Live Music    Feb 3

i)         David Holt: The stories and song of Appalachia

ii)        Rokia Traore:  “M’Bifo” and “Kounandi”

iii)       Sirena Huang: Dazzling set by 11-year-old violinist

iv)       Natalie MacMaster: Playing the Cape Breton fiddle


5)  Global Warming – Facts, Myths and Frauds    Feb 10

i)         Al Gore: New Thinking on the climate crisis

ii)        The Great Global Warming Swindle

iii)       Presentation and discussion


6)  Architectural (and other) Inspiration    Feb 17

i)         Larry Burns: Reinventing the car

ii)        Moshe Safdie: What makes a building unique?

iii)       Stewart Brand: Why squatter cities are a good thing

iv)       Bill Gates: How I'm trying to change the world now

v)        Paul Bennett: Design is in the details


7)    Unconventional Explanations      Mar 3

i)        Michael Shermer:  Why people believe strange things

ii)       Steven Strogatz: How things in nature sync up

iii)      Scott McCloud: Understanding Comics

iv)      Paul Stamets: 6 ways mushrooms can save the world


8)   Design Like You Give a Damn  Mar 10

i)         Amy Smith: Simple designs that could save millions of childrens' lives

ii)        Tim Brown: The powerful link between creativity and play

iii)       Adam Grosser: A new vision for refrigeration

iv)       Dean Kamen: New prosthetic arm for veterans

v)        Alan Russell: Why can’t we grow new body parts?


9)  Spectacular Performance    Mar 17

i)        Keith Barry: Brain magic

ii)       Tod Machover & Dan Ellsey: Releasing the music in your head

iii)      Benjamin Zander: Classical Music with Shining Eyes


10) Media That Matters    Mar 24

i)        James Surowiecki: The moment when social media became the news

ii)       Howard Rheingold: Way-new collaboration

iii)      James Nachtwey: TED Prize wish: Share a vital story with the world


11) Master Storytellers    Mar 31

i)         Carmen Agra Deedy: Spinning a story of Mama

ii)        Chris Abani: Learning the stories of Africa

iii)       Isabel Allende: Tales of passion

iv)       Majora Carter: Greening the ghetto


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