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Class 1: The Creative Spark

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Dr. Ben Dunlap: The story of a passionate life   

"Jo napot, pacak" means "What's up, guys" in Magyar.

Ben Dunlap is a true polymath, whose talents span poetry, opera, ballet, literature and administration. Sit back and listen, as he tells the story of Sandor Teszler, a Hungarian man he met at Wofford College. In telling Teszler's dramatic life story, which arcs from the Holocaust to the American Deep South of the 1950s, Dunlap shares some deep and, ultimately, moving lessons about justice -- and the power of lifelong learning. A Rhodes Scholar, Dunlap did his PhD in English literature at Harvard, and is now the president of Wofford College.



Sir Ken Robinson: Schools kill creativity

An important view into the problems besieging our education systems – mostly our attitudes to education.  Peppered with wit – and very insightful. Creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson challenges the way we're educating our children. He champions a radical rethink of our school systems, to cultivate creativity and acknowledge multiple types of intelligence.



Professor Brian Cox - Physicist

Tomorrow a very significant event will take place in the world of physics – maybe even in our world.  We may even equate this event with the explosion of the first nuclear bomb – people were not sure what to expect!  The first attempt to circulate a beam in the LHC takes place tomorrow.  Brian Cox tells us about CERN’s supercollider in Europe.



Alisa Miller: Why we know less than ever about the world

As the CEO of Public Radio International, Alisa Miller works to bring the most significant news stories to millions -- empowering Americans with the knowledge to make choices in an interconnected world. Diversity in reporting, she says, is not just important -- it is vital for everyone who seeks to understand and act for good in an interdependent, increasingly complex world


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