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Class 11: Master Storytellers

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Carmen Agra Deedy: Spinning a story of Mama

“Carmen Agra Deedy writes for children, which she finds fascinating. Yet, her own childhood as a refugee is no less fascinating … and she became an introspective storyteller with a keen insight into the workings of a child’s mind.” Atlanta Journal Constitution

“I thought this was a wonderful, heartfelt speech that illustrated very well the power of both stories and performance. Her monologue inspired in me laughter, familiarity, a feeling I can only describe as lovingness, and self-reflection.” James Salmon - TED comments



Chris Abani: Learning the stories of Africa

“Imprisoned three times by the Nigerian government, Chris Abani turned his experience into poems that Harold Pinter called "the most naked, harrowing expression of prison life and political torture imaginable." His novels include GraceLand (2004) and The Virgin of Flames (2007).” TED






Isabel Allende: Tales of passion

“Novelist Isabel Allende writes stories of passion. Her novels and memoirs, including The House of the Spirits and Eva Luna, tell the stories of women and men who live with passionate commitment -- to love, to their world, to an ideal. Born into a Chilean family with political ties, she went into exile in the United States in the 1970s -- an event that, she believes, created her as a writer. Her voice blends sweeping narrative with touches of magical realism; her stories are romantic, in the very best sense of the word.”  TED



Majora Carter: Greening the ghetto

While not a writer or necessarily a storyteller, Carter eloquently tells about her life and driving passion to cleanup and improve the South Bronx.  “Majora Carter is dedicated to fighting "environmental racism" in her hometown of New York's South Bronx. She's working not just to hold back the polluters who target neighborhoods like hers, but to bring back the green…. Her success is no surprise to anyone who’s seen her speak; Carter's confidence, energy and intensely emotional delivery make her talks themselves a force of nature.” TED.


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