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Accessing TED on the Internet

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Generally if you go to the TED site and find the Talk you are interested in you can watch it right there; the talks start automatically when you open the page.


However, unless you have Broadband (i.e. cable or DSL) internet connections you may have problems watching TEDTalks "online".  If your internet connection is not fast enough the movie will pause every now and again and you will see a rotating circle.  This occurs when the data flow over your internet link is trying to catch up with your video program. (or vice versa!)


The best way to avoid this is to download the video file first and watch it after it is on your PC/Mac. You may want to do this even if you have a broadband connection.   There are some choices with downloading.  You can download the file directly to  your PC/Mac and then watch it using whatever software program you have - usually QuickTime or Windows Media Player - or even Internet Explorer.  The good news is it doesn’t matter - just click on the .MP4 file you have downloaded and the default application will run. Or you can put it into iTunes if you have it.

You can click on the link in the Email I send you, or you can navigate directly to the TED site and select the TEDTalk you want to watch.  


  • If the video starts running - Stop the playing (click on || ) 
  • Below the video you will see "Download this Talk" 
  • Click on "Video to desktop (Zipped MP4)" or “Video to iTunes” (MP4)
  • Choose "Save link as.." or “Download file as..” then select a location for the file - "desktop" works well
  • After it has downloaded – Find and click on the file and it will open and play.  


Another easy way is to use iTunes.  If you don't have iTunes you may want to get it. Go to this link, download and install it - http://www.apple.com/itunes/overview/   iTunes is a great program - one of the best "free gifts" available!


After you have downloaded the “Video to iTunes” you can then find the file in iTunes Podcasts and play it there.  In iTunes you can also “subscribe” to TEDTalks – however, be aware that these are large files and soon fill up a hard drive.


If you have concerns about disk space, delete the file after you have watched it.  TEDTalks come in two sizes; regular or Hi-res; You can choose; just select the one you prefer in the link below the TEDTalk.  Regular files are about 50 to 60 MB while Hi-res are about 150 to 300 MB.


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